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peruvian Mountains

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peruvian Mountains
Peruvian Mountains le ofrece la mas completa informacion a los visitantes que le gusta de la naturaleza y la aventura en las montañas cordillera blanca cordillera huayhaush cordillera raura y cuzco peru


We are a group of professionals tour operators young's activity, we have gained experience working in climbing & trek for about 15 years, and now we can organize, inform, promote with odjetivity a quality service , we are able to offer, many diverses in the adventure tours around  Cordillera Blanca , Cordillera Huayhuash and Raura lots of adventure activity were introduced to the international market and now we are promoting with professional experience.

We promise to give you the best tourism experience avaible from our grand city Huaraz.  TOUCHING THE VOID & NOLE RODOLFO REYES an wonderful experience adventure  travel to Siula Grande was made famous, Rodolfo worked during the film as assistant of the climbers  and Englis start Joe Simpson, Simon Yates and kevin Macdonald (Touching the void-director)  realized in july to august 2002 where itinerary started in Cajatambo and finished in Siula Grande  Huayhuash- Peru.


Cordillera Blanca Treking:


  • Olleros – Chavin 3 days
  • Pastorury – Chavin 3 days
  • Santa Cruz – Llanganuco 4 days
  • Quilkayhuanca – Cojup – Ishinca 5 days
  • Santa Cruz – Ulta 6 days
  • Circuit cedros – Alpamayo – Pomabamba 8 days
  • Circuit cedros – Alpamayo – Llanganuco 10 days
  • Circuit cedros – Alpamayo – Ulta 12 days

 Cordillera Blanca Climbing:


  • Pisco 5,752m. 4 days
  • Yanapaccha 5,460m. 2 days
  • Maparaju 5,326m.  3 days
  • Ishinca 5,530m. 3 days
  • Urus 5,495 m. , Ishinca 5.530m & Tocllaraju 6,034m 7 days
  •  Chopicalqui 6,354m. 5 days
  • Alpamayo 5,947m. 7 days
  • Quitaraju 6,036m. 7 days
  • Artesonraju 6,025m. 5 days
  • Huascaran 6,768m. 6 to 7 days


 Cordillera Huayhuash Trekking & Climbing:


-          Full circuit Huayhuash trekking 12 to 14 days with two small climbing to Pumarinri 5,450 & Diablo Mudo 5,350m.

-          Huayhuash trekking 12 days

-          Huayhuash trekking 10 days

-          Huayhuash trekking  8 days

-          Huayhuash – Cajatambo 8 to 10 days

-          Huayhuash – Queropalca 7 days

  • Mini trek Huayhuash 4 days


Cordillera Raura Trekking & Climbing:


  • Full circuit 12 days with two small climbing to Niño Perdido 5,200m ,Quesillojanca 5,357m. Cajatambo
  • Raura – Huayhuash 14 days



-          Our itinerary of trekking & climbing is from Huaraz to Huaraz if you need itinerary from Lima to Lima contact us

-          For more details and information do not hesitate to contact us


Lima: is capital of Peru

 Huaraz : 3,090m. is capital of the department of Ancash;  it is the main city in the Callejon de Huaylas  with a population of over 100,000 . most public and private offices  Huaraz is the center for high altitude sports and outdoors activites , it is used as the base  for many expeditions . Huaraz is located to 410 km.  North of Lima 7 to 8 hours by bus and 50 minutes by plane



          Rodolfo Reyes Oropeza 

             Mountain Guide

           & Tour Operator

   Phone: 051-43-423733 Huaraz

    Movil: 051-43-943263743


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